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Restoring Planes: Metal and Wooden

  Rebuilding Gabriel Moving Fillister by Jim Hendricks 1 of 16  

At the David Stanley auction on Saturday, a friend of mine Richard Arnold and Andy Brown aka Andy "Tools 'n Tat" presented me with a rather sorry plane.


He said: "This is for you Jim, a present... firstly because it's a Gabriel and I know you love Gabriels but mostly because I know you'd love to bring it back to life!"

Yah RIGHT, Andy!!!

I will be doing this slowly and document each part in case there are any other eegits out there tempted to do the same!

The bits to fix the body... beech part.

Disaster area - damage to the main beech body, missing front boxing,
missing depth stop.

First we have to tidy up the beech body to allow easier grafting of a new section.

This Marples "Shamrock" sash chisel is razor sharp and ideal
to par down the wall straight.

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