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Some weeks ago Douglas Claytor showed me a half inch bead moulding plane by John Cox, Deritend, Birmingham, 1770-1843.

Clearly, this plane has been making beads since then, judging by the astounding boxing wear! The front has worn all the way down to the profile base and this will render it very difficult to engage at the start of the cut.

As Douglas uses this plane regularly it would be criminal to retire it just yet, so the solution is new boxing.

"Boxing" is hardwood inserted in a delicate or hard wear points on a profile to greatly extend the life of the called because it was traditionally made of English boxwood.

This beautiful old bead moulding plane has been around for over 200 years. We can clearly see it is still used as the hand holds witness marks on the body testify!

The gorgeous toe profile showing flat chamfers and deep gouge cuts clearly indicating an 18th century maker.

I. COX or John Cox as he was know is virtually unique and unusual in that his mark is on two levels and is in the centre of the toe rather than in the top section as was traditional.

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