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Restoring Planes: Metal and Wooden

  Restoring Stanley No. 27 Transitional Plane by Jim Hendricks 1 of 7  

Say HI to the Royal Yacht "Britannia".

Like her namesake, this one was due for the scrapheap.


But as she sailed into this Kentish harbor, she was put in dry dock assessed by Able Seaman ALFIE! as being restorable. And so we set about repairs.

This is one untouched example of this fine No.27. And I love the age. I am sure this must be one of the early ones. It has issues... but so would you after over 100 years!

Oh what a lovely form this plane has... art... pure art!

Now I'm relying on you guys over the Pond to give me guidance on the history and age of this No.27 Bailey. I feel I am going to need all the help I can get on this restoration!

My friend Robertnalison Accardo send me this message:

#27 Jack plane 15"L, 2 1/8"W, 4lbs, 1870-1918.

This plane and the #27 1/2 both have irons that are non-standard widths and do not have equivilent width irons in the metallic planes. This plane's iron, at 2 1/8" wide, might be considered by some to be an odd dimension, but when this plane made its debut bench plane irons were commonly sized by the 1/8".

#27 1/2 Jack plane 15"L, 2 1/4"W, 4 3/4lbs, 1898-1934.

Hey, if Stanley can make a fractional metallic bench plane, they surely could do the same with the wood bottom. And, they did, but they never delved into the 1/4's like they did with the bench and block planes. Yow, did they pull some stupid stuff! Maybe they foresaw the rabid collectors coming down the pike?

The iron on this plane is often pilfered for the more valuable early models of the #5 1/2 and #605 1/2 (and their corrugated versions) as replacements. Stanley made a blunder when they designed these early versions of the metallic planes, and it's common to find these two planes with irons that have the later notched rectangle logo.

While certainly not rare, this plane is the most difficult to find of the common transitionals. From the Superior Works of Patrick Leach

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