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Restoring Planes: Metal and Wooden

  Flattening the Sole of a Hand Plan by James D. Thompson 1 of 2  

Flattening the sole of a hand plane is a fairly easy task to accomplish. To begin, you need a few things: A piece of plate glass or other really flat surface, a scraper, a vixen file, a tube of Prussian Blue, and some sheets of sandpaper.

In the picture below I have just put the sole of the plane onto the Prussian Blue. Next Iíll scrape it.

Next comes the scraping, usually several times with bluing in between. The scraper can be a file ground to a square end, or in my case an old chisel ground and hardened.

Check with the bluing every time you scrape.

As the blue covers more and more surface you know you are making progress.

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