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Restoring Planes: Metal and Wooden

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Here is how I brought this plane to a new life.

I decided to pull all the infill and replace it. I used some Bethlehem Olive that my friend Rusty brought back from Israel. I pinned the new infill using 1/4” bronze rod. Since this was going to be a complete rebuild, I decided to make something really unique. I adapted the infill to use a Norris-style adjuster. A set of Gerd Fritsche iron/chip breaker finished it off.

Ahhh... the plane is freed of the ugly handle.

Metal is in good shape. Ready for another 100 years.

Lots of crud to clean. It's really cool to find the build number. In this case “7”.

So here is a round sided rear infill trick that I didn’t know about. Spiers made
the rear infill in two pieces. The joint exactly matches the rear body geometry.

The abused rear body. You can see the user modification
to the original handle mortise.

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