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Recently I bought a Disston #4 backsaw of 1896-1917 vintage, It is 10" long and has 14 TPI.

The handle on this saw was in bad shape having the top horn badly broken and a chip off the bottom horn. This is the saw almost as found, I have already removed the bolt and washer that was substituted for the medallion.



Roy Griggs


This is a close-up of the handle, you can easily see the damage to the upper horn but the damage to the bottom is smaller and less evident.

The saw also didn't have a medallion having instead a washer with some tacks thru it and a regular bolt and nut. For these reasons I wasn't hesitant about replacing the handle on this saw. It just so happened that I had received a handle blank from Scott Grandstaff in a surprise package exchange. I decided to put it on this little Disston...

Okay, back to the repair; I decided to use a couple of pieces from a Disston handle from the same period.

The handle was from a large Disston D8 that had been purchased with the intention of being a sacrificial saw; donating it's saw nuts to other saws, it's blade to be scraper stock, and it's handle for just this purpose.

First I would repair the upper horn by cutting it off and gluing on a piece large enough to be shaped.

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