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  The Artisan's Guide... by R. Wood, 1873     


The following work will be found to embrace an immense amount of the most valuable information regarding almost every branch, of useful industry.

The information has been collected from many sources with much care and expense, many of the items being valuable trade secrets, consequently obtainable only at a heavy cost.

On the whole, "THE ARTIZAN'S GUIDE" will be found to embrace a vast amount of most useful knowledge in connection with business and manufacturing requirements, as well as the no less indispensable department of domestic uses, much of this information being very difficult to obtain in books.

The Appendix, embracing the subject of correspondences, &c., is now inserted for the first time, and if favourably received will be inserted in future editions. Many persons who are in proper states for receiving these truths remain in total ignorance of their existence, and have no means of knowing them except through some such" effort as this.

These explanations are now appended for the benefit of all such, certainly not for my own personal emolument, except so far as happiness may be derived from the consciousness of having tried to benefit others, and this, beyond all doubt, is an exceeding great reward.

March 1873.

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