Workshop Recipes

  Recipes for the Colour, Paint, Varnish, Oil, Soap and Drysaltery Trades by an Analytical Chemist, 1902     


I present this Book of Practical Formulae to the various trades for whom it caters in the hope that in its pages they will find much that may be useful to them.

I do not lay claim to anything in the formulae, being well aware that many of them are old and well tried, but none the less deserving of a place in such compilation. Every formula has been subjected to a scrutiny, and none has been inserted unless it was considered to be a practical working formula.

Still a compiler can hardly be expected to have a full working knowledge of every one, so it may be possible that one or two may not be so practical as appears on the surface.

James M. Tate.
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

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